Applying Japanese Ingredients into Ice Cream

This year’s 12th NYP-Swensen’s Ice Cream Competition is held in conjunction with Food Japan.

Jointly organised by NYP’s School of Chemical and Life Sciences and Swensen’s Singapore,
the competition aims to challenge students to use innovative ingredients and interesting flavours
to create mouth-watering and Instagram-worthy ice cream sundaes.

Learn about how the Japanese Ingredients are incorporated into ice cream to create a
delicious and unique dessert. Catch them on stage on 27 October, 1.30pm.

Ingredients are provided by the following Exhibitors

• Choshiya Co Ltd (B02)
• Hakata Salt Co Ltd (E24)
• Japan Tea Export Council (E28)
• Kanasago Foods Co Ltd (C02)
• Kitayama Bussan Co Ltd (E01)
• Nippon Sight Corporation (D10)
• Shimane Organic Farm Co Ltd (E27)